Acuèlh/Lengas : Diferéncia entre versions

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[[Image:Hunmin jeong-eum.jpg|thumb|212px|A page from the ''Hunmin Jeong-eum''. The Hangul-only column, fourth from left, (<span style="font-family: 은 자모 바탕, UnJamoBatang, Code2000">나랏말ᄊᆞ미</span>), has pitch-accent diacritics to the left of the syllable blocks.]]
==Qualques bocinons==
*[[/Lengas/Amor|Per saber dire ''T'aimi'' dins totas las lengas]].
*[[/Lengas/Bonjorn|Per aprendre a dire ''Bonjorn'' dins d'autras lengas]].
*[[/Lengas/Bon Nadal|Per desirar un ''Bon Nadal'' dins lo mond entièr]].
*[[/Lengas/Bona Annada|Per passar la ''Bona Annada'' a totes]].
*[[/Lengas/Bon Anniversari|Per celebrar un ''Bon Anniversari'' a d'amics]].
[[Image:Scania Codexrunicus.jpg|thumb|right| [[Codex Runicus]], a vellum manuscript from c1300<small>CE</small> containing one of the oldest and best preserved texts of the [[Scanian Law]], written entirely in runes.]]
==Nivèl començaire==